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Humans, specially "us" men, are creatures of habit. To break monotony we are always looking for ways to explore and search for NEW things. That's why we are always trying to find what is new? What's "in" in terms of fashion, restaurants, entertainment and even the arts? We puertoricans are no different, we are always searching for..."what's new and exciting"? But, somehow we can't seem to fully grasp and get excited about the Aerospace Industry development in Puerto Rico since we don't seem to fully understand how it affects/impact our lives, for the better. The America’s Aerospace Summit will not only teach us what's new but also how to engage and take advantage of the opportunities afforded to us, to compete in the fastest growing Industry in the World....the Space Industry. From competing in a two dimensional world to succeeding in becoming suppliers to the Space Industry and the Federal Government, the universe of opportunities available to us is endless. Let's explore together what's next for Puerto Rico, ourselves, our families and humanity by joining forces to build a new interconnected Puerto Rico, the Stargate to the Future.

Arnaldo Soto, Jr.
Message from Chairman and Founder of the
America’s Aerospace Summit

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